Monday, February 09, 2009

No more wheat

Maggy and I went to see Dr. Watz on my lunch break, the rash we've been fighting is a wheat intolerance. Glad to know. Now, we've got to cut our diet in half - Whoo Hoo!

It could be worse. We'll be glad when the rash is gone.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Maggy is.....

.... Hungry, teething, feverish, hilarious, loud, talkative, cranky, climbing, and walking!

She refuses to stay in her chair (the one I cut the straps out of when Fletch was 2), and constantly climbs onto the table! Little stinker.

A playful evening, the boys are in bed - we girls are just having fun!

Since we were having so much fun, I thought I could get some pictures of Maggy walking, she thought otherwise!Alright, alright - no more pictures!

More great pictures from our day at the park:

Oh, yes - did I mention: Maggy is completely in love with her Daddy!

Fletcher is....

...finally done with birthday celebrations!!!! What a relief for Jim and I. The party was great, everyone seemed to have fun. Fletcher loved the party. We went with the Kung Fu theme and celebrated Chinese New Year with homemade fortune cookies and traditional red money packets with chocolate coins. The fortune inside each cookie said, "Thank you for joining my party. No Shadow Kick tenfold. Love, Long"

I was up late the night before sewing his new black gee. Jim and I put together a koi fishing game and pin the tail on the dragon. My mom, Harvest and Grandmere pitched in on the food: spring rolls, sushi, wontons and the most amazing chocolate cake EVER.

One of his gifts was a rope from Maeven, Rita and Family. When we've been out to their farm, one of Fletcher's favorite activities is swinging on the rope swing. So, first thing he tried was putting one up with Jim. Unfortunately the only tree big enough to hold one at our house is too close the sliding glass door - imagine that for a moment! The other day we ended up at the park by Cuesta College and he put the rope to great use:
He has since used the rope tied to a basket for hauling toys up the stairs, spent two days with the rope tied around his waist (in case he needed it for anything, then attached it to his Evan day backpack!

Here is his gift from Seth and family, with many beautiful Chinese characters decorating the wrapping.

Maggy came dressed in her gee.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I am.....

Too busy.

I've started several posts lately, but can't seem to finish any. I've got a few minutes now, on my lunch break: Maggy just fell asleep and the boys are out getting the oil changed in the car.

Our life is busy and happy and rainy. I'm still grateful to be working, but missing my baby fiercly. Fletcher is amazing, I miss him too - but it's easier to be away from him. I can talk to him when I get home, I can find out how he's feeling and how his day was. Thank goodness for hugs and cuddles - Maggy and I do lots of that when I get home.

I've got too many knitting projects going at once, wool pants for Maggy, Nate's Christmas gift - a beanie, socks for myself, Maggy's birthday sweater, and crocheted animals I was trying to get finished for Fletcher's party (but did not).
In the evenings I intend to sit in front of the t.v. with Jim and knit, but then there are dishes calling, Jim needs a back rub, a baby waking up again or I'm just plain too lazy to do it!
So I'm really looking forward to this Sunday's knitting date with lots of lovely ladies at a coffee shop in Paso. Whoo Hoo!!!!

Now that I'm engrossed in talking about my life again, I've decided to head back to my previous posts and send them out to you...