Monday, July 26, 2010

I Like Killing Flies

I've been on a documentary kick lately. Netflix has an amazing assortment to choose from. I could recommend many, but to be honest I don't want this to get lost in a list - a very long one I could make.

I Like Killing Flies.

My cousin, Miko, showed me a bit of this movie about five years ago. Fletch and I went on vacation up to Sierra Friends Center where my Nana, Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Doug live. Miko was living and working there for a semester as an intern, he had this video make by a friend. It was full of clips of different movies, I don't remember much else, but this man:

Watch and enjoy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Being Janie's aunt, from afar

Janie is about to undergo her third eye surgery. That is three more surgeries than I ever had done.
I'll be thinking about her tomorrow, but have to admit that more than a bit of my loving thoughts will be going out to Josh and Katie.
It is hard for me to imagine going through this with a child, several times. I would be a bit of a wreck, and though I've not been around for any of this ongoing issue, it seems they are amazingly calm and straight forward about it all.
Good luck, I hope this time it works.

Sage Creek - Newsletter

It Was A Beautiful Day!

Thanks to those of you who attended our potluck at Mitchell Park on June 26th, it was a beautiful day! The food was great, the conversation was even better. We appreciate everyone who stopped by to learn more about Sage Creek, play games, and share a meal. If you didn’t get a chance to visit with us, keep an eye out for our upcoming events!

June BBQ

Starting Sage Creek continues to be an exciting challenge for all the families involved. As we work towards our common goal of opening in the fall, we are continually reminded of why we are working so hard- for our children. As a group, we believe that the educational models currently offered in San Luis Obispo County are vastly different from the Sudbury model. The opportunity to provide a school that is accepting and supportive of the choices made by its’ students is what makes Sage Creek special!

Spotlighting the families of Sage Creek:

Get to know the Yost Family: Jim, Sara, Fletcher – 7 and Magnolia – 2 years.
“As parents we chose early on to take care of our children’s’ education; we were put off by what we saw and experienced in the public school system and by society’s treatment of children in general. We find the concerns over what or who children will be in the future a narrow minded approach to the pursuit of education. More important to us is who our children are now. These became our litmus test for everything: Does this honor and value my child today, in the present?”

You can read more about their journey to Sage Creek.

To learn more about Sudbury, we have provided a multitude of information and links on our website, You may also want to join us at one of our coffee house discussions where you can meet some of our startup group parents and be involved in more in-depth conversations about Sudbury.

You can also connect with us at any of the events listed below, or give us a call or email us anytime.

Sage Creek Sudbury
(805) 270-5355

Upcoming Events:
Informal Sudbury Conversation – To be announced

"Birds fly, fish swim, man thinks and learns. Therefore, we do not need to motivate children into learning by wheedling, bribing or bullying. We do not need to keep picking away at their minds to make sure they are learning. What we need to do, and all we need to do, is bring as much of the world as we can into (their lives); give children as much help and guidance as they ask for; listen respectfully when they feel like talking; and then get out of the way. We can trust them to do the rest." ~ John Holt, How Children Learn

Thursday, July 08, 2010

So very cool....

Check it out. Can you guess who I am related to in this video? hint: he looks like Jim would with a red beard:

Maggy is....

trying our patience.

a princess. ("No I'm not! I'm a Maggy!)

chattering away:
"I'm a good runnder Mom!"
"Fetcher, Fetcher, Fetcher, Fweeeetcheeeeer!"
"Oh! I have a idea! Daddy could give my baby milkies!!! Yeah!"
"Shut your piehull!!!"
"Don't change my diaper Mom."
"Could you change my diaper Mom?"
"Just for two minutes."
"I need my juss a minute."
"I can do it!"
"I seize the day!"
"I want to watch the hair guy dad!" (La Roux)
"It's a spider lifejacket." (a piece of bacon)
"I don't know."
"I bit Fletcher and he cried!"
"I bit Junah, she cried!"
"Junah pushed me off the chair."
"Fletcher just cut me up, Mom."
"Just hanging out with my Dad."
"I cried Mom. I said, I want my Mom, I want my Mom, I want my Mom! And Daddy held me."
"I luss you."

doing laundry, hanging up her shirts and putting everything in drawers. Someday she'll make Aunt Katie proud.

changing clothes 5 times a day.

trying to wear Junah's pink leotard with a tutu attached home.

hanging out with Junah.

obsessed with tank tops, and one well worn and stained hand me down pink t-shirt from Junah.

totally infatuated with princesses, especially the Disney ones. She's never seen a Disney princess movie! How does it happen?

a huge fan of pink. How does that happen?

all girl, with the barrettes and purses to prove it.

ready to get down, get dirty and keep up with the boys!

singing under her breath to herself, an inner monologue she unknowingly shares with anyone quiet enough to listen. "......spider in my mouth.......up high.........walking, walking, walking......hurt myself on my arm when I fell....." (just the bits I can catch)

trying to keep up with the world, watch out, she's not far behind!

Fletch is...

climbing trees, walls, rocks, ropes, and our sanity.


reading like crazy, he's got books scattered all around his bed and gets a new pile of 8-10 each week at the library.

a fish.

who dives.

and does flips in the water.

becoming his dad's protector and right hand.

getting an idea of what MS means.


racing ahead on his bike, but willing to head back when I can't see him anymore.

taking Maggy by the hand to: dress her, wash her hands, keep her busy, when Jim needs a moment.

missing Bella.

waiting to watch The Last Airbender.

a Waterbender.

loosing another tooth.

gaining another tooth.

a fan of Teenage Bottlerocket. Skate or Die is a favorite..

playing hidden object games. Passing his Aunt Harvest right by when she gets stuck!

finding lots of wii games at the library.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I am......

working full time and wishing I could be at home full time to take care of my family.

blogging on our laptop - sorry, no pictures cause they are on our desktop.

enjoying our cool summer.

getting reacquainted with outings with Mags and Fletcher, and loving it.

baking dessert with lots of vegetables in them.

researching baking with alternative medicines to help Jim maintain comfort and a smile on his face despite all the shit he's going through.

trying to come to terms with the fact that we probably should not have another baby, even though we both want at least one more. Feeling grateful for the kids I have, but having a hard time with never doing it all over again...

immersed in Netflix, lots of documentaries and finally watching Lost (I know, I'm a bit behind the times.).

excited about our upcoming trip to Grassvalley in August. It will be a mini family reunion with my siblings and families. We'll celebrate my oldest brother, Mark's, birthday. I so look forward to seeing his family - it's been several years.

watching Fletch Lives with Jim and Maggy, while Fletcher puts himself to bed reading a Naruto book. Peaceful evening.

wishing Maggy would just go to sleep already!

thinking about my Nana today. Happy Birthday Nana!!!!!!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Family Favorite

We all love La Roux: