Monday, April 26, 2010

John Prine, for Katie and Josh

Katie and Josh have recently become John Prine fans. I became a fan as a child, when I saw him at the Strawberry Music Festival in Yosemite.

My sister and I used to beg Mom to play two songs over and over again:


As an adult I saw him twice more at Strawberry, once in my early twenties with family, then with Jim in 1999.

Jim's favorite is:

My very favorite John Prine song is:

I could go on and on. I do love John. I cry every time I hear him if it's been a while. It doesn't matter what the song is. There is something about the beauty of every day life, even the treachery of it in his stories that touches me. Who else could write such silliness, such saddness, such truth and turn out these completely original and amazing songs? Only John I'm sure.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The downside of homeschooling

Your kids are always together.
Your kids try to kill eachother.
Your kids are bored.
Your kids want your attention, constantly.
Your kids make you crazy.
Making meals is an all day chore.
Doing dishes is an all day chore.
Breaking up fights is an all day chore.
Life feels like an all day chore.
Saying "Stop that!" more times than you can count each day.
Saying, "No, I can't do that now. I need to finish this one thing first." over and over until finally you say, "Just stop asking! Let me finish ONE thing today!"
Feeling mean.
Feeling overwhelmed.
Wanting to ship your kids to another world for one full week.

The upside of homeschooling

The laughter.
Sleeping in.
Reading on the bed in the middle of the day.
Making pancakes with your seven year old's help.
"You know why I like zucchini in them? Because is tastes more natural."
"Oh, I forgot, I like the beets in them. You know how the syrup is so sweet? Well, they dilute the syrup."
The sweetness of conversation.
The tickle fights.
Spur of the moment learning, through life.
Art, getting messing and watching your kids create beauty.
Afternoon naps.
Talk of baking fish together, feeling excited your seven year old might actually eat fish.
Wandering walks.
The people you meet who also homeschool.
Lots of trips to the library.
Field trips.
Witnessing so much growth.
The glow of love in those small unexpected moments.

Things I heard Maggy say today:

I want my Bra-Bra.
Where is my Daddy?
Where is Fletcher?
Thanks, Mom.
Milkies Mom!
You home Mom?
I miss my Kennedy.
I hurt my toe.
No baths time!
No oil in my hair!!!!
Can you carry my bike Mom?
I want tuna.
Give me a orange Mom?
I want that fucking paper.

The Lice is Back


Thursday, April 15, 2010

A month in our life...

Maggy: oral surgery.
Maggy: sick, fever, miserable.
Fletcher: sick, fever, miserable.
Fletcher: double earache, on the couch for a week.
Sara: sick, runny nose, hacking cough.
Maggy: runny nose, hacking cough.
Fletcher: runny nose, hacking cough.
Sara: still coughing three weeks later.
Jim: legs doing the MS thing, tired, uncomfortable.
Fletcher and Maggy: Lice.

This is where we've been, when we've recovered - both physically and mentally, I'll be posting more interesting stuff!