Monday, August 25, 2008

Look at those teeth! And gums!

Yes, I've got gorgeous kids:

Jim, the patient:

Jim had his third (since being diagnosed with MS), iv steroid treatment almost three weeks ago.

A home health nurse comes to put the shunt in, then she showed me how to mix the meds, clear the shunt and hook up the meds to the shunt. I got to play nurse! We did this for three days, then he went back on the oral steriods for two weeks.

I can't say he's doing great, but a bit better. At the end of July he went back to see his doctor and go over the MRI he had done. Dr. Lacy the amount of lesions had about tripled since the last MRI - five years ago. This, he said seemed about normal for MS. The day before he drove up there he lost most of the sight in his left eye.

Now, both eyes are bad, but he can see more since the left eye is somewhat better. The left side of his body is bothering him more now than three weeks ago: when something warm/hot toches him on that side he can't feel the sensation - just the pressure. When something cold/cool touches him - he says it feels like he's being stabbed.

We're still unsure what will happen with school and work. So we're holding off on me getting a job till we're sure about him. Though I'm not crazy about getting a job, and being away from the kids so much, I really don't want him going back to Charter. I want him to go back to school and find something he loves to do and can do from home. Still, it's not up to me.

Today he's out on his boat fishing with buddies! He hasn't felt like going out since he's been home. He has spent many an evening working on the boat. I'm really glad he went out today, he needs the time to relax and stop thinking about everything - just enjoy himself.

Maggy, WOW....

She has teeth! (sorry no good picture of them yet!) The two middle bottom teeth started popping up last week, tonight Jim found her left top eye tooth peeking through! This poor girl has been miserable. The fever, drooling, crankiness, diaper rash, general discomfort.
This has been such a surprise for us. Fletch sailed through teething like nothing was happening. He popped out four teeth at a time, with barely a whimper.
She still smiles all the time though:Here she is under a parade of hanging toys I set up so I could get some work done. She really is an happy, easy-going babe - she digs this set up.

Maggy has tried a bit of food over the last few weeks: nectarine, plum, avocado. Here she is rolling around on the blanket with her first nectarine:

We like to go visit with Junah and Barbara as often as possible. Junah is a little mommy. She wants to take care of Maggy, with no help. If Barb or I even look her way while she's wrapping Maggy in a blanket or lovingly laying on top of her, she holds out her pointer finger in a hold-on gesture and shushes us. "Stay away, I've got it!" (well, that's my take on it!)

Maggy May is also scooting, and very close to crawling. Jim has seen her rocking on her hands and knees, I've not yet witnessed that! Still, she is fast! I put her down on the floor, turn around and she's across the room.

Toothfairy, please don't bring me dentures!

Fletch lost his bottom two teeth the same week Maggy's popped out. We all think that is beyond cool. Again, I've got no good picture of his missing teeth. I guess my kiddos don't like tooth/non-tooth pictures!
The day he lost the first tooth I made him a little tooth pillow with a pocket. At some point while talking about teeth, dentures came up. I explained some people needed dentures if they lost their adult teeth. That night while taking care of his tooth, he asked Jim to write a note to the toothfairy asking that she "please not give me dentures." He was very worried about that.

He also has a mohawk, which Jim gave him a few weeks ago. It's not usually sticking up, but here are few shots:

Fletch on his new big bike, with handle-bar brakes!