Friday, November 28, 2008


Thanks Dylan, for the oysters. I tried a shooter this year. A raw oyster with cocktail sauce and horseradish - it was really good!

Thank Seth, - for showing us how to get rid a shooter you've suddenly decided you don't want! And for your amazing garlic mashed potatoes.

Thanks Grandmere, for hosting! The kids love the trampoline.

Thanks Jim, for finding a great new car for us, we all love it.

Thanks Jesse and Grandmere, for the beautiful pies! And Thanks Mom, for the mince pie, I tried it for the first time this year. It's my new favorite pie, mmmmmmm.

Thanks Harvest, for all your kisses and loves.

Thanks Daddy, for your attention.

Thanks Clifford, for carving!

Thanks Nate, for reminding me of all the time I spent carrying your around as a baby, and loving your soft skin.

Thanks, for cousins.

Thanks for the lovely dinner...

And for second helpings.

Thanks Toni, for the tasty persimmons.

Thanks Barb and Jason, for showing up with Junah - Maggy's buddy.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. The leftovers are fabulous. As usual, the pictures tell the story better than I do. We all enjoyed Maggy's first Thanksgiving with her!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sould Have Gone to McDonalds After All

Last night while running errands after I got off work, we decided to grab something to eat. Fletch, as usual, wanted McDonalds. I, as usual, did not. We went with Applebees.
I ended up with food poisoning!
Not fun at all.

Monday, November 17, 2008


was my first day at work.
Here are the highlights since I'm too tired to write much:

I was teary a bit all day.
The kids in my class are too cute for words.
I missed Maggy so much.
Pumping sucks.
Running around after 13 kids is more work than two.
I missed Fletch and Jim, conversations, laughter, and hugs.
I feel grateful for the job.
I'm glad my sister is my boss.
I love being at home.
I missed Maggy, missed cuddling all day, and nursing her whenever she wanted.
Maggy did great.
Fletcher was a huge help to Jim.
Two minutes after I left in the morning Maggy's poop and pee ran out of her diaper all over the floor.
Then Fletch spilled his hot chocolate.
Then Jim decided he should go back to work.
Then they settled in and did just fine.
It felt so good to hold Maggy on my lunch break.
We're going to make it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Boys Are Gone

Jim and Fletch left at 10 am this morning for Stanford for an appointment with Jim's doctor. Tonight they are staying over with Kathy in San Jose.

This is Fletcher's first night away without me! I'm still thinking I could wake in the middle of the night to them walking in the door. I'll be so happy when I wake in the morning and realize he did it. I'm so excited for him.

After Jim's appointment they had some time before Kathy would be home, so, they headed to San Fransisco and China Town!

Pictures and more to follow when the boys come back......

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Thanks to the Computer Gods....

We did not loose everything when our computer crashed! Really, I need to say thanks to the computer guy we hired, whose name I do not know, He retrieved everything, except old emails and our internet bookmarks.

All we really cared about by the time we finally called him were the pictures. I can't imagine loosing all of them. I don't have to now.

So, a few to share:

Our two Cangzhen Monks

The Scary Jack-O-Lanterns, which I had to carve all by my
lonesome. Jim is not fond of carving, and when Fletch took
one look inside at the "guts" he was DONE. They drew the
faces and I did the carving.