Friday, March 28, 2008

birth announcements, thank-yous, housework......

all on my list for today! Will I really get any of this done? Possibly not, we'll just have to wait and see!

Maggy is growing fast. She is so mellow and sweet, until she needs a diaper change or is hungry. Fletch tells everyone that when she cries, "our house is the loudest one around!"
Maggy's first Easter (shamefully I think this is the best picture I got of her out of the sling that day)

She loves the sling, I really don't put her down at all any more. If she is not eating or being changed, she is on my chest, or someone else's:
Aunt Harvest and Sleepy Maggy

This is what the Easter Bunny brought this year. My son, the very sweetest in the world saw me working on the pink bear in his basket and the bunny rabbit in Maggy's for two days before Easter. He acctually told me he wanted a pink bear when I told him I was making a bunny for her. I had intended on making him a bunny similar to the bear. So, come Easter morning, he searches out the hidden baskets. When he sees the bear he says, "this is just what I always wanted!"
My heart melts.
When he pulls the bunny out of Maggy's basket, "Oh, how cute! Look Mom! You don't have to make these for us anymore, the Easter Bunny just brought them!"
And my heart melts again.

The Hunt!

Lastly, my beautiful children waiting for the Easter Bunny.

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