Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Our Life

It's never boring....

So, health wise Jim has been doing great for more than two years, maybe even three. Considering the fact that one of his doctors told him he would be in a wheelchair 3 years ago, things are good. This past week he realized an attack was coming on, numbness creeping up his legs, then up to his waistline, then a bit up his back - which is new.
On the bright side his spirits have been relatively high. We may go see his neurologist's in San Jose, though he really doesn't want to do the steroid treatment Dr. Lacy will recommend. Yesterday he had a massage from my mom and today went for an acupuncture treatment. He is off work for a bit, I hope a few weeks, he hopes only one. We'll see, mostly he needs rest.

We all love having him home more and are enjoying this time as much as we can.

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