Friday, September 19, 2008

Still Awake

Tonight was to be a bit of a night off. We dropped Fletch off at Kids Night Out at Harvest's preschool.
Then, Jim, Maggy and I tried out the new Mexican restaurant - Mariachi (not great). Next, we dropped Jim off at his friend Matt's for a visit and headed home.

That was the beginning of MY TIME. I planned to put Maggy to bed and get to work:
on a gift for Janie, our niece/cousin who turned four on Wednesday:HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANIE!
Maggy has other plans. Apparently to stay awake until Aunt Harvest brings big Brother and Dad home around 10:30!

I should know better by now.

1 comment:

katie. said...

Oooo! Janie is going to get a top secret Auntie Sara creation???

And who could resist that adorable Maggy? Too cute.