Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What A Wonderful Day

9 years ago today Jim and I headed to the County Clerks Recorder's Office in San Luis Obispo and got hitched.

And here we are today:

We had a lazy, easy morning: pancakes, indoor hokey and a bit of homeschooling then off to Avila Valley Barn for some apples, toys and ice cream. Another perfect day among many for our family, good memories, and fabulous pictures!

A bit later we dropped the kids off with Grandma Sue and Aunt Harvest while Jim and I went to dinner. We went into Paso Robles for Thai food at Basil. So very good! A really great day.

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katie said...

Sara- These pictures are priceless and gorgeous. I'm going to copy them and make prints. I miss you guys like crazy and wish we could come visit- for like 2 weeks so we could REALLY spend some time together.

Looking at Maggy- I see the similarities in her and Meg- they are certainly cousins.

Happy anniversary to you and Jimmy. You were my first sister-in-law and I was so excited to finally have a sister- and still am.

Love to all of you. Hugs and kisses...