Friday, November 28, 2008


Thanks Dylan, for the oysters. I tried a shooter this year. A raw oyster with cocktail sauce and horseradish - it was really good!

Thank Seth, - for showing us how to get rid a shooter you've suddenly decided you don't want! And for your amazing garlic mashed potatoes.

Thanks Grandmere, for hosting! The kids love the trampoline.

Thanks Jim, for finding a great new car for us, we all love it.

Thanks Jesse and Grandmere, for the beautiful pies! And Thanks Mom, for the mince pie, I tried it for the first time this year. It's my new favorite pie, mmmmmmm.

Thanks Harvest, for all your kisses and loves.

Thanks Daddy, for your attention.

Thanks Clifford, for carving!

Thanks Nate, for reminding me of all the time I spent carrying your around as a baby, and loving your soft skin.

Thanks, for cousins.

Thanks for the lovely dinner...

And for second helpings.

Thanks Toni, for the tasty persimmons.

Thanks Barb and Jason, for showing up with Junah - Maggy's buddy.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. The leftovers are fabulous. As usual, the pictures tell the story better than I do. We all enjoyed Maggy's first Thanksgiving with her!

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