Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am....

...packing like crazy. We officially move tomorrow, but we get the keys today and will put some stuff in the garage and install the washer and dryer.

...excited about owning a washer and dryer again, getting back into cloth diapering will be soooo much easier. Jim gives a half-hearted whoo hoo to that! He will miss the paper diapers, and I suspect keep them on hand for outings - especially Evan day.

...looking forward to a real clothes line, compost pile and watching my kiddos play in their own yard.

...getting ready to start full-time work at the preschool. I was worried at first - I will be gone so much more and see the kids for a much shorter lunch break. I've worked through the worries and think this is for the best. Our schedule will be more constant and the money always helps. love with my kids.

...tired of nursing Maggy. When she's teething it never ends. She just stumbled over to the couch sobbing and forlorn, because I booted her off the desk after she repeatedly turned the moniter off. Now she's throwing pillows off the couch, I guess I'd better go tend to her needs. She does make up for it in cuteness, you know.

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