Thursday, May 14, 2009

Maggy is....

…keeping us all on our toes as she practices for her Mount Everest climb. She pulls chairs around in order to get on top of tables. She will try anything to get on the desk, grunting and yelling if her efforts don’t pan out. We have to watch out witch moving boxes we stack next to each other or next to furniture, she strategically scales them in order to get as high as she can, then stands at the top – looking quite pleased with herself. She has been know to drag a stool over the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs in order to get a leg up and over said gate!

...a hat girl.

….doing her best to dominate the household by biting anyone who gets in her way. Fletcher is most often the victim of her vicious teeth, she has found biting him to be a very effective way of stopping him from taking toys away.

....waving her index finger in the air and saying, "no, no, no."

...eating everything put in front of her, except most fruits - strange I know.

...a huge fan of water. If I want to get something done in the kitchen, I give her a pot with a few inches of water and something to put in it. She's happy for at least 20 minutes!

The hose is an added bonus!

....carrying her dolly around under one arm by the neck, and occasionally giving her kisses.

....puckering up for lots of smooches.

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