Sunday, April 25, 2010

The upside of homeschooling

The laughter.
Sleeping in.
Reading on the bed in the middle of the day.
Making pancakes with your seven year old's help.
"You know why I like zucchini in them? Because is tastes more natural."
"Oh, I forgot, I like the beets in them. You know how the syrup is so sweet? Well, they dilute the syrup."
The sweetness of conversation.
The tickle fights.
Spur of the moment learning, through life.
Art, getting messing and watching your kids create beauty.
Afternoon naps.
Talk of baking fish together, feeling excited your seven year old might actually eat fish.
Wandering walks.
The people you meet who also homeschool.
Lots of trips to the library.
Field trips.
Witnessing so much growth.
The glow of love in those small unexpected moments.

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luckypennymake said...

Oh Sara! I love all of your posts. So sorry about the lice :(
Love you guys!