Friday, September 03, 2010

The Story of Us (Part 2), On the Phone

The girl went on with her evening and mentioned to her co-worker the encounter. The co-worker knew the boy and asked how he was. The night was fun, and the girl was happy.

The next morning the mutual friend showed up at the girl's house. They went for a walk as they often did and she took some pictures as they went. On the way back home he mentioned the boy. He said, "He told me he thinks you're hot.".

The girl laughed, long and hard. "He's so big and loud!", she said. These thoughts jumped right out of her mouth, they were not based on her experience of the evening before. They came from high school and talk around town. He was one of those two brothers after all. They both had reputations and seemed so far removed from her own life. And frankly, they both scared her a little bit. Still. She felt a twinge of joy. He liked her!

The girl and the mutual friend talked some more and he mention a party he and the boy would be going to the following weekend. She said maybe she would go. She thought about it all week and talked with her sister and wondered if she had the nerve to go.

As the week came to a close she decided she would. What did she have to loose? And she really wanted to see his dimples again. She called his house, expecting to talk to the mutual friend, but he answered. The conversation was excruciatingly quiet. She told him to tell the friend she would be coming into the city for the party. He said ok, and before they hung up he called her by the wrong name.

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