Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Story of Us (Part 4), Falling

The girl and boy started dating. Their first real date was dinner and a movie. The boy picked her up and took her to the coast. She had the salmon he had the thresher. She was nervous, he spent dinner talking about his ex-girlfriend. They took a walk on the beach and he talked non stop, she thought maybe he was nervous too. He let the girl pick the movie and was embarrassed they still had time to kill before it would start. The boy took her to Walmart, he said he needed new boxers. The girl somehow found this endearing. The movie, In Dreams, may have been the worst ever made.

They were together constantly, and she worried some. The girl still planned to leave, she did not plan to fall in love, she did not plan to stay - even for the boy.

The boy began courting the girl. They met for lunch each work day at the lake and sat on the tail gate of his truck eating burritos. He asked her to go to San Fransico with him two weeks after they met. He took her to Disneyland for her birthday a month later. The boy introduced her to his friends, but spent all his time with her.

Sometimes the girl said no to a date, she tried to keep her independence some, she tried to keep her goal in mind. The boy began to think of following her to Ohio if she left. He did not tell her this. He moved in with his mother to save money.

The time for the girl to leave drew closer, the boy and girl fought some and were sad. But still. They were falling in love, they enjoyed their time together. The boy always made the girl laugh and the girl rubbed his back whenever he asked.

By this time the girl was working part time at the preschool and part time in her father's office. She had given notice at the school, she was preparing. But still. She was not sure she wanted to leave. One day the girl's father told her that if she did not leave, if she decided to stay, he could really use her full time in the office.

The girl told the boy. The girl decided to stay. The girl was in love. With the boy.

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