Monday, September 06, 2010

The Story of Us (Part 5), A Surprise

Soon the boy and girl decided to move in together. They found an old funky one bedroom apartment and made a home. The boy and girl were happy. They no longer had to drive back and forth between the town and city. They were not lonely anymore.

Then one day the boy and girl found out there was to be a little one. They were stunned and nervous. Soon they were excited. They had talked of marriage, they had talked of kids. They had been together for six months.
They decided to marry. The girl's parents said, "You don't have to get married because you're having a baby." The girl said, "I know'. But still. They wanted to.
The boys mom was surprised and happy. The boy's dad and step-mom came to town to meet the girl and buy them matching rings and fill their refrigerator with good food for the girl and her growing baby.

The girl and boy decided on a quick ceremony at the Clerk Recorder's Office in the city. They made an appointment for a Thursday. They went to Target for clothes. His brother and grandmother came to town.
That morning the girl's sister helped her get ready while the boy's brother ran last minute errands with him. The boy and his brother bought her a beautiful bouquet and he was nervous when they met up outside the building. They took pictures lots of pictures, it was the first time their parents had met. It was a small affair:
The girl, the boy, his mother, her mother, his grandmother, her step-mother, her father, his brother and her sister.
The girl and the boy were married. It was September 10, 1999. His brother and her sister were witnesses. It was beautiful and sweet. Everyone was teary eyed but the girl and her father. She was so happy.
They had dinner at Robin's with the family and spent the weekend - the honeymoon, in a Bed and Breakfast on the coast that their parents had paid for. They drove up Highway 1 to Monterey. They were in ecstatic, they were in love.

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