Sunday, October 17, 2010


kinda how i feel.

Something is up with Maggy.  She was wreck on and off today, but after we picked her up from my sister's house - on our way home from the hospital, she was an absolute disaster.  I don't know if it's a new phase, teeth, or she was just worried about Fletch.

The digital camera is dying.  That is just sad.

I had my fist craniosacral treatment on Friday.  My mom gave me a gift certificate to see if it would help my jaw.  It was intense and not comfortable.  My jaw felt 10 lbs lighter yesterday.  Today it feels looser than it has in 20 years.  I am hopeful.

I am a bit stumped by the gift I am making Fletch for Christmas.  I just need to jump in and start.  I'm sure there are plenty of easier ways than the one I'm choosing.  That just seems to be my style.

I gave a massage to a pregnant woman Thursday night.  I told my midwife I really want to work with home-birthing moms and even at the births if I can.  She said great.  It seems like it can't be that easy, but maybe it is.  Jim and I are both beyond excited.  Maybe I won't have to work at the preschool for as long as I thought.

Maggy keeps changing her mind about what to be for halloween.  A pink kitty.  A pink princess.  An old lady with saggy boobs and a bathing suit (from a card she saw).  A pink kitty like that, pointing to a purple flower.  A purple kitty.  A pink fairy.  An Angelina ballerina.  I don't how I'm going to get started on her costume.  Wish me luck.

Fletch is going to be a vampire, no problem.

Tomorrow Maggy and I will be making pumpkin and apple puree.  Staples for my baking.

I should go to bed, but crave this time.  The quiet. 

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