Monday, January 17, 2011

Fletcher is....

8 years old!

a whip cream lover.

so happy to be another year closer to double digits, a fact he loves to remind us all of.

smiling, laughing, playing, enjoying the sunshine, goofy, and sweet, very sweet.

sleeping under his Christmas quilt.

reading (and if you look closely, he might be flipping me off, but I choose to think not.)

 reading constantly.

helping Dad play Everyword, showing Mom up again.

building, building, building.  Loving all the legos and elastic powered vehicle kits he received as gifts.  He is also following the directions for the first time on his own - no longer asking us to build for him.

playing his DSI, anywhere and everywhere.

creating.  This boy of ours is growing up.  I know that is just what happens, but still, I am a feeling a bit blindsided by how quickly it all goes.  Eight seems like such a big number, so much bigger than seven - I don't know why.  He's just amazing.

reading.  He flew through the first three Percy Jackson books he got for Christmas, he's moved on with the rest of the set he got for his birthday.  He's also reading three to four Hardy Boys books per week from the library, there is something about seeing his with one of those old books that warms my heart.

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