Saturday, February 26, 2011


Our family is celebrating this weekend.  On Friday Jim and I paid off our account with Consumer Credit Counseling.  This is the end of four years of paying off our too large credit debt.  What a relief! 
So, last night we had a pajama party.  I made popcorn, which I don't do often.  I mean real popcorn: cooked on the stove and then smothered in butter, salt and brewer's yeast. Yum. We had tacos for dinner, and ice cream for dessert.  We watched Megamind, a truly funny and unique movie:

Today while Jim had a nice long break in the afternoon, I took Fletch and Maggy on a movie date.  This was Maggy's first movie theater experience which began with a stop at Powell's to load up on candy.  It was another funny movie, and so different than many movies that are out today:

Tonight Jim is out to another show in SLO, Sexy-Time Explosion:

Tomorrow: bowling and pizza.
Perfect weekend, lots of fun.

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