Sunday, March 06, 2011

Being Katie

Jim went to Seattle to surprise his little sis, Katie, for her 30th birthday.
Josh, Katie's beer-brewing (and very generous) hubby, contacted Jim some months ago to ask us to come up for the weekend.  With life being as busy as it is we decided Jim should go alone.
I think, although I would have loved to be there (and it goes without saying the kids too), it was a good decision - this was a much needed break for Jim. Not to mention, some much needed family time:
Bobby, Katie, Dad, and Jim - can you tell they're related?
The birthday girl and her brothers - missing a brother, Jeff makes four.
Bobby, Josh, Katie, and Jim

Uncle Jim and Everett
Jim heads home tomorrow.  We've missed him, and I know he's missing us.  Still.  This has been a great trip: lots of beer, laughter, nieces and nephew to love, a new tattoo, relaxation and serious Yost time

Happy Birthday Katie.  You're an amazing person. truly.

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