Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Day

We took a step we never thought we'd take:

 Maggy started preschool last Tuesday.  She will go twice a week, four hours in the mornings.  Oh, and she's in my class.  Yup, she's even calling me Miss Sara - she thinks that is pretty funny.

Junah has been in my class for a year now, she is happy to be showing Mags the ropes.  Now these girls, these shrieking, dancing princesses get to spend two whole days together each week.  They could not be happier:

Jim thought he would miss her too much.  He quickly found that he missed her, but not so much he couldn't enjoy the day.  A bit more quiet, a bit more calm, a bit more peaceful.  A bit easier. 

Fletch is enjoying more of Dad's attention and less of Maggy's.

I am enjoying more time with my girl.  Maggy is loving the activities, the toilet that is, "small for us kids!", all the new friends and being a big girl at school.

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