Friday, April 08, 2011

After 9 years

We've lived quite a long time with MS.  The truth though, is that we have not always acknowledged it's presence in our family.  Not everyday.  Not in all the ways it has affected us, changed us, and hurt us.  That is changing.  Quickly and with force Jim has swept away any reluctance to face this disease head on.  To take charge of MS, to no longer let it take charge of him.  This has meant lots of reading, talking, crying, fear, relief, joy (yes, I said that), and reaching out.  We are reaching out to the MS society for help and support.  The hot-line, the counseling, the advice, the ear and shoulder.
And so, we must support those supporting us, to keep that support coming:

We're walking on Saturday, April 16th in San Luis Obispo.  The whole family plus more family.  And maybe you?  Join us if you can.  Donate if you would like to.  We appreciate all your love and support in all the many forms it takes.  Still. After all these years.


Barb said...

I'm so proud of you guys and I'm excited to walk with you next weekend! Love, Barb

Matthew said...

Your amazing! I love you SISTER!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara, We want to join your team and walk w/you on Sat!
Love you guys!