Friday, April 11, 2008

On Knitting Sweaters:

I might NEVER do it again. I've heard, never say never, so maybe - we'll just see. Sometime right before or at the beginning of my pregnancy with Maggy I started a sweater for Fletch and then bought yarn to do a matching one for baby.

I just finished them both.
It was agony.
Fletcher's is too short, I knew it would be as I sewed up the seams.
I knew how to fix it.
That would mean lengthening it.
That would mean more knitting.
I'm a lazy knitter.
I like instant gratification.
I decided to sew it up and maybe take it apart later to fix.
Anyway, He says he loves it. He even put it on twice. Now it's just a bit hot for sweaters. By the time it cools down again it will most likely be too late to fix it.

So this sweater was adapted from ChildHood at Knitty. Fletcher Picked the colors, since this was some time ago they are all greens. Now he would pick black or pink, or maybe both! He wanted a pull-over with buttons, and a kangroo pocket. This was by far the largest and most complicated project I have ever taken on. I learned quite a bit, ripped out lots of knitting, and love him for loving it despite it's obvious faults.

Maggy's went much faster, partly because I decided to leave off the hood. The neck may be a bit big, but overall it fits her with room to grow. I picked the colors before I knew if she would be a boy or a girl, I think they suit her well:

( This may well be my favorite picture of her)

My kiddos!

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