Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Up All Night, Sleep All Day

This is how Maggy spent the morning, while I got some work done for my Dad. She put herself to sleep in Junah's bouncy seat. Throughout this time she woke occasionally, batted at the toys and went back to sleep. I was so grateful to get my job done!

That's the Sleep All Day part. On to Up All Night:
Well, not really. Maggy sleeps through the night, mostly. Some nights though, she has a rough evening. The past four have been this way.

It starts around 7:30, she is tired - but fighting sleep. I feed her, change her, then we walk her. Jim tries first so I can put Fletch to bed.

I've always been the one to put him to bed, he still nurses to sleep and this is a big part of it. Some time during the end of my pregnancy Jim started helping out with bed time more. On the nights I just couldn't do, he did. I am so glad it happened this way, because once Maggy came along, Jim has had to put him to bed about 4 nights out of the week.

We still start out the bed time routine with Jim walking Maggers and me reading to Fletch. It is our special time, when he gets all my attention and snuggles. Many nights though, Jim has to interrupt so I can take Maggy and he will finish with Fletch.

Tonight I didn't even try to lay down with him, instead I decided to take Maggy for a walk around the block. It is cold tonight so we bundled up. Off we went. Maggy in the sling, my left hand on her cheek my right patting her back, me singing to her. I sing my own verses to Kumbayay, she seems to like this best:
"The wind is blowing my lord, the wind is blowing....Oh lord, the wind is blowing"
"The sun is sinking my lord, the sun is sinking..."
"The night is coming my lord, the night is coming..."
and finally:
"Maggy is sleeping my lord, Maggy is sleeping...Oh lord, Maggy is sleeping"

I really enjoyed the walk. I had slipped my knitting into the pocket of our sling on my way out. So I did about four inches of an i-cord for my first knit soaker:

Right now it has an i-cord from on of Junah's soakers.

We got home at about 8:10, it's now 9:30. She is still asleep in the sling. If I put her down she will wake. I will wear her, occasionally walking her and patting her back when she starts whimpering, until about 11:00 when she will be ready to eat and we will head to bed. From there she sleeps peacefully till morn.

I will continue knitting , watch a bit of t.v. and maybe do the dishes before bed. I will also be glad because at least she's sleeping!

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Barb said...

Oh my goodness, I know how you feel! I'm so glad the bouncy seat is working out for you. Love the soakers, the song and the nickname Maggers. And you! Love, Barb