Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sad, but with toys

Fletch is having a bit of hard time adjusting. I know this is normal, but still, hard on all of us. I am listening to a book on tape:
Songs Without Words, by Ann Packer.
There is this part: the mother is thinking back to when she was pregnant with her second child and talking to a friend, pregnant with her third. The other mother explains she has asked people not to send gifts to her two older children with baby gifts. When her first, her daughter, got so many gifts when baby number two was born, she was "Sad, but with toys.".

I can understand that. Fletcher has received many gifts, but his is still sad. He wants more, more gifts, more attention, more love, more of us. He misses Jim and me all the time. I miss him too.

I am grateful all time that his is not angry with Maggy. He loves her. He adores her. He does not take his anger out on her. He is angry with us.

We are doing our best to give him lots of attention. It is never enough for him. Of coarse not, it is less than half of what he had before.

I know that within a matter of months this will all change, we will all be more settled. Maggy will be more active, and need just a bit less of our attention. Fletch will get more and more of her attention, and a bit more of ours.

Until then, we get through each day, taking it moment by moment. Doing our best and loving eachother through our sadness.

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