Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Making Something.....

Thanks to Barb, and the gorgeous sewing (scroll down to the picture of Junah at the bottom) she's been doing, I'm inspired. I've been craving sewing. Tonight the boys headed out to visit Matt, Karen, Robert and Julie. Maggy and I worked on my project.

I'm not going to let on what it is till it's done, and Maggy's matching piece also. Notice, Barb, the bias tape. It's not really vintage, but second hand. And I really dig the bias tape, I mean, I heart bias tape!

All my sewing since Fletch was born has been quick costumes for him, tote bags and the occasional quilt. So this is huge for me, I put in a zipper! I haven't done that since Jr. High! It wasn't all that hard, but really exciting still. The whole thing, is wholly imperfect. My hem is hardly what you'd call straight, and I tend to look over small mistakes rather than take the time to fix them. Still, I love this - the work and then the wearing. I'm also very happy with the print. My friend, Michelle, gave me lots of material from her stash and this is one.

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