Monday, July 21, 2008


Well, he's not gotten much better. Sometimes he says he thinks his legs are a bit better. Still, most mornings when he puts on pants or shorts, he says it feels like his legs are wrapped tightly in saran wrap.

We've got a bit of a non-routine going on in the house, lots of sitting around the living room: talking, reading, dancing, watching Maggy teach herself to crawl, and playing board games. Jim is also enjoying working on the boat, "Indian Cobra" in the evenings.

With not much change, Jim and I are talking about our future. We're looking at a two-bedroom duplex in Los Osos. The cooler weather would be better for Jim. He's looking into going back to school, I'm looking into going back to work.

Life is changing into something new, which is good - we'll move with it.

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