Monday, August 25, 2008

Toothfairy, please don't bring me dentures!

Fletch lost his bottom two teeth the same week Maggy's popped out. We all think that is beyond cool. Again, I've got no good picture of his missing teeth. I guess my kiddos don't like tooth/non-tooth pictures!
The day he lost the first tooth I made him a little tooth pillow with a pocket. At some point while talking about teeth, dentures came up. I explained some people needed dentures if they lost their adult teeth. That night while taking care of his tooth, he asked Jim to write a note to the toothfairy asking that she "please not give me dentures." He was very worried about that.

He also has a mohawk, which Jim gave him a few weeks ago. It's not usually sticking up, but here are few shots:

Fletch on his new big bike, with handle-bar brakes!

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