Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Maggy is working on the scoot

She doesn't always look this serious about it! Maggy is really beginning to enjoy tummy time. She is working hard at moving and I have no doubt she'll be doing the army crawl any day now.She loves her toys and chews on them with a vigor. You know when she is frustrated by the pitch of her grunts and coos. Her favorite toy right now is the teddy bear from Fletcher's Easter basket which he generously gave to her. She either gets one leg into her mouth or works the vest off to chew on that.

Fletcher has taken to holding Maggy, here you can see him preparing a spit-up diaper on his shoulder. He knows his sister well.
Often I am surprised by how much affection Fletch has for Maggy. I keep waiting for something a bit more sinister! I'm not sure why. Still, every time he is careful and loving, which is almost constant, I am touched. Quietly pleased. I love these kids.

Maggy seems to want very badly to eat. She thrusts herself forward in my arms while I eat. She makes funny little complaining sounds. She is trying so very hard to get in on this eating business. I, her mean mother, prevent her at every turn. I insist loudly, each time Fletch or Jim wants to feed her, that she is not ready. Even if she thinks so. I want to wait till she can sit up. I want to wait till she has teeth. These things seem logical to me. Even though Fletcher ate before either of those things were true for him. We'll see just how long I do hold out. Probably till the moment she actually grabs something off one of our plates and eats it. As you can plainly see she is drinking - water. She loves it and shakes her whole body and opens her mouth wide when she sees me drinking. Most of it goes down her front, but she loves it.

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