Monday, August 25, 2008

Maggy, WOW....

She has teeth! (sorry no good picture of them yet!) The two middle bottom teeth started popping up last week, tonight Jim found her left top eye tooth peeking through! This poor girl has been miserable. The fever, drooling, crankiness, diaper rash, general discomfort.
This has been such a surprise for us. Fletch sailed through teething like nothing was happening. He popped out four teeth at a time, with barely a whimper.
She still smiles all the time though:Here she is under a parade of hanging toys I set up so I could get some work done. She really is an happy, easy-going babe - she digs this set up.

Maggy has tried a bit of food over the last few weeks: nectarine, plum, avocado. Here she is rolling around on the blanket with her first nectarine:

We like to go visit with Junah and Barbara as often as possible. Junah is a little mommy. She wants to take care of Maggy, with no help. If Barb or I even look her way while she's wrapping Maggy in a blanket or lovingly laying on top of her, she holds out her pointer finger in a hold-on gesture and shushes us. "Stay away, I've got it!" (well, that's my take on it!)

Maggy May is also scooting, and very close to crawling. Jim has seen her rocking on her hands and knees, I've not yet witnessed that! Still, she is fast! I put her down on the floor, turn around and she's across the room.

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