Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jim is.....

a student at Cuesta College again. Whoo Hoo! This semester he's studying Electonics Fundamentals. His teacher as basically already given him an A. He's reading, I mean really reading his first text book and enjoying it. Strange, I know.

Also, he's one year older as of the 23rd. We celebrated a bit lazily. I made eggs, biscuits, sausage and gravy for breakfast - then off to work. Jim had his normal day with the kiddos. On my lunch break he got a call from the post office to pick up a package. He got a new iPod from his Dad and Melinda. Everyone was excited about that.
In the evening we had tri-tip tacos I had cooked in the crock pot and then ice cream sundaes.

Happy Birthday Babe, love you!

He's a master homemaker. While our strengths are not the same, we compliment eachother so well - we manage to keep this house going no matter who is at home and who is out working. He is becoming quite the cook, he follows recipes (where I do not) and it is always lovely to come home to the house smelling great and dinner on the table. Where I was horrible at timing dinner, we usually ate at seven, he's got it done when I get home at bit after six. I really don't know how he does it.

He's a master homeschooling parent. Jim loves going to Evan day with Fletch, and I know Evan appreciates sharing the experience with a dad. He does at least 95% of the homeschooling work, and he digs it! They do all sorts of science experiments, today they set up one to make a rubber egg. They work on math, reading, writing, and social studies in all sorts of interesting ways.
When we first embarked on this homeschooling journey, Jim was on board - but still skeptical. He wasn't convinced as I was that Fletcher could teach himself everything he needs to know, if we were there to seek out the resources and help him. Now, he's excited every day to watch Fletcher's mind expand, and to share in Fletcher's love of learning new things.

He's a wonderful husband. Every day.

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Bob said...

Jim is my hero! He's got a great attitude and is truly a loving father and husband-- I'm very proud of him and his family and how they make it all work is a mystery to me-- Good luck with school -- my thoughts are with you-- I love you-- Dad