Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Six Years Later

Happy Birthday to my boy! I love you Fletcher - oops, I mean Long.

My sister(and boss) worked things out at the last minute so I could have the day off. We started with homemade cinnamon rolls at the six year old's request. Then he opened all his presents early:
A sewing machine from Grandma Paffy and Granny

A sewing kit, binoculars, and pan flute from Jim and I
And a mama and baby panda bear from Maggy

Next he watched The Clone Wars with Dad.

In the afternoon we headed to SLO for our appointment with his teacher, then over to Tom's Toys to spend his gift certificate from Gamma and Grandpa. He bought a nerf crossbow, a microphone for Maggy and some spy gear - I can't even begin to explain what that is! We missed a visit from Grandma Sue and Aunt Harvest, but they left cards on the doorstep - Long was very happy with the cash inside!

Dinner was McDonalds (yuck - but what are you gonna do?)
Then choclate cake and vanilla ice cream.

It was a lovely day.

The reason I'm not posting any pictures from today is a long and boring story - I'll have to get you one later. We'll be celebrating again with a huge party on Chinese New Year!

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