Friday, March 13, 2009


Today is my 33rd birthday, it started out a bit rough - Maggy stayed up late last night.

I'm laughing right now as she's standing in front of me on the desk, one foot propped up on Jim's textbook. She's been shoving things off the desk, then stopped to loop my headphones over her head and picked up my iPod. When she saw me looking at her she gave me a funny laugh and a look like, "don't watch me Mom, this is private business." Which translates to, "Please don't take this all away and make me get off the desk?!"

So, back to the birthday stuff. I got up, running late for work- needing the coffee I quite drinking. (Oh well, it's my birthday and Starbucks called) Fletch wanted me to open my presents, right now (work can wait another five minutes - right?).
Maggy gave me an exercise dvd I like, Fletch gave me a MUCH needed iPod cover and Jim gave me a MUCH wanted mandoline. It's this one which is perfect, but I'm a bit scared to use after reading just how many people have visited the ER to have finger parts reattached after using it!

I got off work early, had a nice visit with my Dad and then headed to SLO with Jim and the kids to spend Maggy's birthday gift certificate at Tom's Toys from Grandma and Grandpa. We had fun picking out an sweet little alphabet board book, a soft monkey with hands made for teething, and a few other animals she and Fletch love to play with together.

Then on to Mom and Harvest's for dinner, ice cream sundaes and more gifts: this travel tea mug and two wheat free cook books which will arrive soon!

Tomorrow Jim and I will head to the movie theater, we've not been since I was pregnant with Maggy. Harvest will come over and watch the kiddos, which Fletch is so very happy about. At some point on that outing we'll stop by Michaels so I can spend the birthday money Granny sent on new water colors and paint brushes - I've not had new water colors since high school - I think it's about time!

It was a beautiful and sweet day, thanks to all my loved ones!

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