Thursday, March 12, 2009

News from the kids

Today, Maggy decided to re-decorate our coffee table. She added two front teeth-shaped marks! Jim said there was lots of blood, crying a fat lip - but her teeth are still attached to her gums. Thank goodness.
Granny sent Jim's new favorite t-shirt to Mags for her birthday.

Fletch has been in Karate for just over a month now. Here he is in his gee, showing off important moves. He loves class, and takes it all very seriously.
We had looked into karate class last year, but Jim and I felt he was not quite ready. He was still just a bit too goofy to pay attention during class.
This year we thought he might still have a hard time keeping the silliness in check - but to our surprise he's very intent on participating in the class, doing well and learning all he can. To avoid a smack on the head with a belt (lightly, otherwise Mom would not allow it) and push ups, he is not so goofy. On April 2nd he will take his first belt test to move on to the next color!

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