Sunday, March 01, 2009


Today was the right day, though not the right date. I had no idea how much that would confuse me! Instead of waking up singing Happy Birthday, I said, "You're one year old today!".

It just doesn't feel like her Birthday, weird. I'm sure by next year I won't be so stuck on the date thing. Either way, we had a good day celebrating Maggy:

We played a the park, Maggy climbed lots and ate sand.

Her favorite thing was the slide.

After dinner she took a bath in the sink, which she thought was pretty funny.

After the bath we gave her a few gifts, a wooden car from Mom and Dad. A wagon from Fletch, she thinks the wagon is fabulous.

We're sure about the wheat problem now. She and I have both been wheat free since the tenth. Her rash has gotten better, but not completely gone. We're hoping with her teeth getting ready to break through the rash will disappear. So I was surprised to see bright red back today - her poor tummy. The only thing I ate different yesterday was fish and chips, what could be wrong there? Duh. The breading. Solves that - wheat back out.

Maggy is amazing, she has such a strong personality - very fiery. She cracks herself up, and us along with her. She climbs everything, throws what she can't climb and has a fascination with table lamps.

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