Saturday, August 08, 2009

I am....

working full time. There are things I love, and things I don't.

missing my kids.

missing out on the summer fun, play dates and meeting up at the pool.

missing afternoon conversations with Fletcher.

tired at night.

so glad to walk into the house in the evening.

grateful for hugs and smooches from my kids.

glad Maggy often waves me off in the morning with a big smile.

enjoying more gluten free food, including the scones my Mom made and the veggie tart Harvest made - thank you, thank you. Lovely, delicious food I can eat makes gatherings so much more enjoyable.

on and off fantasizing about weaning Maggy, so I can gorge on wheat. All the while knowing that even if she did not nurse I would still be wheat free - just so she would not be the only one with a restricted diet.

grateful for NVC.

practicing hyperfueling.

addicted to a podcast called Stuff You Should Know, from How Stuff Works. Another current favorite is Wait Wait..... Don't Tell Me, and of course, Savage Love.

enjoying Wednesday evenings: we head to the library after work since it's open late then go over to the Lake Park and play, it's so nice to have that time with Fletch and Maggy. Sometimes Jim joins us and sometimes he takes the opportunity to get a break.

looking forward to our camping trip, so very very much.

not going to promise to be better about blogging. I really don't get much computer time these days - I choose to use up all my home time with the kids. I am going to hope to get back to it though, I'll try to devote a bit more time to updates and pictures!

so filled up with love when my kids smile and laugh.

happy when Jim is happy.

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