Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I am......

working full time and wishing I could be at home full time to take care of my family.

blogging on our laptop - sorry, no pictures cause they are on our desktop.

enjoying our cool summer.

getting reacquainted with outings with Mags and Fletcher, and loving it.

baking dessert with lots of vegetables in them.

researching baking with alternative medicines to help Jim maintain comfort and a smile on his face despite all the shit he's going through.

trying to come to terms with the fact that we probably should not have another baby, even though we both want at least one more. Feeling grateful for the kids I have, but having a hard time with never doing it all over again...

immersed in Netflix, lots of documentaries and finally watching Lost (I know, I'm a bit behind the times.).

excited about our upcoming trip to Grassvalley in August. It will be a mini family reunion with my siblings and families. We'll celebrate my oldest brother, Mark's, birthday. I so look forward to seeing his family - it's been several years.

watching Fletch Lives with Jim and Maggy, while Fletcher puts himself to bed reading a Naruto book. Peaceful evening.

wishing Maggy would just go to sleep already!

thinking about my Nana today. Happy Birthday Nana!!!!!!

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barb said...

oh, sara. i just read all of your recent posts and am crying. i love these posts and your family. hugs and kisses to you all.