Thursday, July 08, 2010

Fletch is...

climbing trees, walls, rocks, ropes, and our sanity.


reading like crazy, he's got books scattered all around his bed and gets a new pile of 8-10 each week at the library.

a fish.

who dives.

and does flips in the water.

becoming his dad's protector and right hand.

getting an idea of what MS means.


racing ahead on his bike, but willing to head back when I can't see him anymore.

taking Maggy by the hand to: dress her, wash her hands, keep her busy, when Jim needs a moment.

missing Bella.

waiting to watch The Last Airbender.

a Waterbender.

loosing another tooth.

gaining another tooth.

a fan of Teenage Bottlerocket. Skate or Die is a favorite..

playing hidden object games. Passing his Aunt Harvest right by when she gets stuck!

finding lots of wii games at the library.

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