Thursday, July 08, 2010

Maggy is....

trying our patience.

a princess. ("No I'm not! I'm a Maggy!)

chattering away:
"I'm a good runnder Mom!"
"Fetcher, Fetcher, Fetcher, Fweeeetcheeeeer!"
"Oh! I have a idea! Daddy could give my baby milkies!!! Yeah!"
"Shut your piehull!!!"
"Don't change my diaper Mom."
"Could you change my diaper Mom?"
"Just for two minutes."
"I need my juss a minute."
"I can do it!"
"I seize the day!"
"I want to watch the hair guy dad!" (La Roux)
"It's a spider lifejacket." (a piece of bacon)
"I don't know."
"I bit Fletcher and he cried!"
"I bit Junah, she cried!"
"Junah pushed me off the chair."
"Fletcher just cut me up, Mom."
"Just hanging out with my Dad."
"I cried Mom. I said, I want my Mom, I want my Mom, I want my Mom! And Daddy held me."
"I luss you."

doing laundry, hanging up her shirts and putting everything in drawers. Someday she'll make Aunt Katie proud.

changing clothes 5 times a day.

trying to wear Junah's pink leotard with a tutu attached home.

hanging out with Junah.

obsessed with tank tops, and one well worn and stained hand me down pink t-shirt from Junah.

totally infatuated with princesses, especially the Disney ones. She's never seen a Disney princess movie! How does it happen?

a huge fan of pink. How does that happen?

all girl, with the barrettes and purses to prove it.

ready to get down, get dirty and keep up with the boys!

singing under her breath to herself, an inner monologue she unknowingly shares with anyone quiet enough to listen. "......spider in my mouth.......up high.........walking, walking, walking......hurt myself on my arm when I fell....." (just the bits I can catch)

trying to keep up with the world, watch out, she's not far behind!


katie. said...

She can come fold laundry for Auntie Katie anytime! And... bacon = spider lifejacket? I want to know more about that! Love to all four of you.

Sara said...

honestly, I have no idea where the spider lifejacket came from. She was talking to herself not me! She is talking alot about spiders - she is quite afraid of them and seems to be working through her fear. She doesn't like her lifejacket - so I guess the two just fit together!!