Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Change.....

Maggy needed something fresh, something short, something cool, something that shows off her sweet smile. Since Fletch was getting his head shaved, she wanted to also! Don't worry, Dad said, "No Way!", when I would have said yes.

No more tangles, no more fights, no more ponies and barrettes and hair in the face!

Ceremonial cutting of the ponytail for Mom to keep and gross Maggy out with when she's older!

T.V. zone-out, and notice we're back in cloth diapers! Yeah! Thank-you Fuzibunz.

It's a bit choppy, but for Mom and Dad's first effort with straight hair (we regularly cut Fletcher's curly and forgiving baby hair - while he slept!), it's pretty good. Yup, I said it, straight hair - the curls are gone, sad but not too sad. We love it, and so does she.

New cut in action!

Fletch digs his buzz, and it makes him much lighter:

enabling a crane jump!

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