Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's late, go to bed please.

I tried to lay down with Maggy an hour ago for bed, we're up now - I'm frustrated, she's quite happy. This is the conversation we had as I lay trying to to read and ignore her, hoping, hoping she would miraculously fall asleep already:

"Mom, I want to tell you a story."
"No, go to sleep."
"I wish, I wish, I had a pink dragon. Your turn." Big smile.
"I wish you would go to sleep." Small smile.
"I wish I had a pink pillow. Your turn."
"I wish you would go to sleep."
"I wish I had my cousin Junah, and Kennedy. Where are theys?"
"Probably in bed, asleep."
laughing, "I wish I had pink guitard of Junahs."
"You mean leotard?"
"Yeah, I wish I had another pink leo-guitard that we shared."

Fletcher just came out of his room to use the bathroom and is once again upset that Maggy is up after he has to go to bed. Well, me too.

A list of Fletcher's grievances against Maggy:
-She bugs me.
-She won't leave me alone.
-Why does she get to stay up and I have to go to bed?
-When I have a tree fort, I don't want her to ever come in it.
-She breaks my toys.
-She scares the kittens.
-Fine! Then I guess I won't do what I want!
-Fine! Then I guess she'll get all the attention and I won't get any!
-She makes me feel invisible. Even when Bella is here she insists that Maggy gets to be with us.
-I'm just invisible when she is here, she gets all the attention!
-I'm a kid too! I'm not invisible!!!

It's heartbreaking to hear, and yet inside I'm giggling just a tiny bit. I know how much he feels this injustice, deep, deep inside himself. I remember when Seth hated, I mean hated me.
But still, this is life. What else can we do, but get through it and wait for the day they can talk to each other like normal human beings. The day she doesn't attack him for attention and he doesn't forcefully push her out of his space. The day they will love eachother again.
I have faith, I know it will come. Meanwhile..........Why does she get to stay up when I just want her to sleep?

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