Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Things We Love....

This girl and her pink scooter. The way she calls herself " A Big Girl", it sounds like "A Bagel".

This amazing grin.

Watching them wrestle with Dad.
Watermelon!!! That's the safety word.
You know, like when your laughing so hard you almost pee your pants, and your stuck under dad and want a chance to get on top, you yell, "WATERMELON!". Dad has to stop everything and give you a moment, you don't have to give him a moment though. You just take the chance you've got and dog-pile Daddy!


My new ring tones:Maggy singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"and Jim in a stern voice, "You have a very important call from Jim Yost." This one scared the crap out of my co-teacher the first time she heard in coming from my cubby! Thanks Babe.

His creativity and willingness to ask for what he wants, and the belief that I can give it to him:

His playfulness, and imagination.

His ability to fly.
His lust for life and that he shares it with me. The hugs he starting to give again, the laughter, the conversations which reveal him - what he thinks, what he knows, what brings him joy.

Library Day.
The way he buries himself in a book. From the moment he pulls them off the shelf in the library, his nose is in it. Walking out to the car, all the way home, walking into the house, straight to his bed where he stays till dinner time, and beyond.


The fact that my sister is my boss, and my mother will soon be my teacher. The thought of leaving a job where I see my sister every day to go to work with my mom! All the support I am receiving for my new journey to become a massage therapist.

Art with my kids.
When things are just a bit too much to handle, dishes to do, dinner to make, laundry to fold and put away. Those sweet, sweet (why won't they just stop for two minutes? Stop fighting, stop stop pushing, stop taking toys from each other, please just stop.) children of mine need me. When life gets there, sometimes I loose it and sometimes, I'm not sure how - I remember. I remember they need me. Just for such a small portion of their lives. I remember to take a breath and offer more than my frustration, to offer a connection. Connection with me, with the world, with themselves, with art. Art is work, but work of your mind and body connecting to create. You can let that connection happen, and take you over. That is magic, and when I remember to offer that to my kids I am rewarded.
Finger painting, it almost always turns into body painting.


Summer evenings.
Some afternoons I came home from work and Jim looked a bit tired and the kids were bouncing off the walls and the world called to us. We packed up the bikes and headed out. Mostly to a near by empty parking lot and sometimes to Sunken Gardens. It felt good, to give Jim that break, but also to take one myself. Life is so very busy for this little family, crazy most days and taking this time out from our normal routine is a gift. I get to once again immerse myself in their world, the one I miss so much now that I'm working. I get to let go a bit and just breath it in. Bliss.


His personality, the way it's growing and changing. Sometimes in ways I'm not so fond of, but hey, I'm just the mom. Here to love him no matter what, support and nurture him. Even when he sticks his tongue out and makes gross faces for the camera. It must be cool. Right?


Improvising: He took the last of the ketchup, what to do? Homemade ice cream in the fridge, Trader Joe's Midnight Moo and peanut butter. Make our own Peanut butter Mood (like the one from Jamba Juice, minus the banana). It's perfect for dipping the fries!


Homemade ice cream, with freshly mashed berries and sugar on top. Thanks Grandma Paffy for the awesome ice cream maker!
Don't forget the Midnight Moo, a staple in the Yost house.


The pink hand-me-down swimsuits from Matilda, a backyard tub and sunshine. Look at that grin, it's infectious, and so full of life. It still amazes me the small things that bring my kids joy. It still amazes me the small things that bring me joy. Her smile always does.


Her play dates with Junah.
Sharing toys, dressing up, getting married. Loaning toys to each other, laughing together, following from one game to another. Talking and talking and talking. Scratching each other, biting each other, pushing each other down. Best Friends.


The kitty cats, Smokey and Socks. Cuddling them. Petting them. Loving them. Laying on top of them. Picking them up by their tails. Squeezing their necks. Kicking them. Like I said, loving them.
Maggy, PLEASE! Get off that cat right now!

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