Friday, July 18, 2008

Carcass Cove

Last Thursday we went to Carcass cove, we've not been there for some time. The first time we encountered a baby blue whale carcass:We headed back in hopes of finding the bones, which we did not. However, we found something much, much more exciting:

I'm sure you can't tell what you're looking at so I'll clue you in. A bat ray! The water was not very clear, and this is the best picture I got, so you can't tell, but that ray was about 5 feet away hanging out in 2 feet of water! It was amazing. Even more amazing were the 30-50 leopard sharks swimming all around this ray! I'm not kidding, they were everywhere. I took plenty of shot, but they moved quick and none came out well.
We also saw and chased around lots of crabs. These poor guys had no idea what they were in for when we tromped down to the beach.

One of the best parts of the day was that Jim came with us. This was his first Evan day. It was perfect heading over to the coast and getting out of the heat. He enjoyed finally being a part of our Thursday and we loved sharing it with him:

I've noticed since Jim's been home, Maggy loves to spread out on his lap. She gets real comfy with her head thrown back and giggles while he tickles her. You can tell she likes having her Daddy around more!

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